Using FlashVideo for User-Contributed Video: A Drupal Tutorial

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This video/tutorial was initially started as a presentation for the Denver Open Media Conference this weekend. Since we had a snowstorm on the day of my session, I decided to do this as a screencast here instead. My description of the session and the screencast appear below:

The FlashVideo module provides a simple, yet powerful interface for your users to upload video files of various formats and have them convert and display in a Flash player of your choice. According to the D.O. usage stats, currently over 3,200 Drupal sites are using this module to create YouTube-style sites. In this session, I'll show how to install and configure FlashVideo to build a user-contributed video site.

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Really nice video

Thank's for posting this video. I was a pleasure to watch!

Thank you

Hi Mark,

I want to thank you for making this video. It has saved me great amounts of time in figuring out exactly how to get this module working and I am very appreciative for your contribution to the Drupal community in order to help people like myself.

Best Regards,

This is great.

It has been a while since I have used flashvideo module and I have to tell you this is getting easier to use especially using it with filefield module.

I also recommend using the attach views module. Video was no showing on the node. At first I was using tags and the php code but it was not working using panels. So what I did was create a views attachment using the flashvideo views module.

Hope this helps someone.

Thank you,


written installation instructioin

is there way to get written installation instruction for Drupal 6 ?


Nice video. Thank you for this tutorial!

Thanks this clip is awesome

Thanks this clip is awesome :)

Thanks a lot!

Very super and well done video. One of the best I've seen about contributed modules. To bad that my shared hosting company supports FFMPEG only on dedicated servers.


great video

nice blog, just looking around some drupal sites, seems a pretty nice platform. I'm currently using Wordpress for a few of my tukang nggame sites but looking to change one of them over to drupal

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Support Requests Belong in the FlashVideo Issue Queue

I apologize, but it will no longer be answering support requests here within this blog post. This really isn't the best place for that because most users will not look here for issues related to the module. Please feel free to still post any comments you like though.

If you need help, visit You should start by searching for your issue (all issues, not just "Open" ones), and see if anyone else has previously encountered the same issue. If you can't find anything related, then create a new support request and ask for help.

CCK Integration

Hello Mark,

I followed your tutorial step-by-step and I am now having troubles with the CCK integration. After adding three fields to the video content type, the drop down controls won't show up on the FlashVideo Settings page. Also, I cannot select

The FlashVideo CCK module is installed and enabled.

Any ideas?


When only some of the content type uses the module

Hi Mark,
Thanks for this helpful video!!

I have flash video installed and working and am very pleased with it. I am using it with my blog. Most of the entries on my blog do have a video uploaded to them, but a few don't. I used Content Template to change the teaser to [thumbnail] but the few that did not have a video had this 'thumbnail unavailable'. If I leave the teaser as normal, many say [video] in the teaser.

Do you know how/where to tell it to display the thumbnail if there is one, and the normal teaser if not??

Thanks for all the time you've put into this already, for the benefit of so many!!

Cheers, Rachel

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Dear Rachel, Actually, now

Dear Rachel,

Actually, now that I think about it, you should really be able to do this with CSS, but the image currently doesn't have a CSS class applied to it. I've made a task in the FlashVideo issue queue. I might find time to get this into the development version this weekend. Keep an eye on the issue:

Awesome, thanks. That is so

Awesome, thanks. That is so nice of you. I'll go check it out now.

a follow up

A follow up note on my question - I know that I can, in my FlashVideo Settings, enable "Search for videos in the Node Teaser". However I like to have the first video of each blog entry play automatically, which creates quite a racket!!

FFMPEG conversion to FLV

Great video! I was wondering if every video had to be converted to .FLV? For example, i plan to stream my video content using the streaming plugin and play via a player such as JW Player, but don't necessarily want my videos converted from a .mov to .flv. I'm afraid I'll lose some quality in that conversion process. So, is the FFMPEG necessary in that scenario and if it is, should I be concerned that the conversion will degrade my original video's quality?


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Robert, The module will


The module will currently attempt to convert any video uploaded that is not already either in .mp4 or .flv format. Basically because these are two of the few formats that can be played by most of the common Flash players.

You might also research the FFMPEG documentation to see what you can do with your FFMPEG command and keep the quality as high as you need it to be.

Muy bueno

Gracias. Muy bien explicado. :)


Thanks a ton, Mark!


I just saw this, and want to personally thank you so much for doing this! I think I owe you another dinner.... :)


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Sure. No problem Travis.

Sure. No problem Travis. Always glad to help out where I can. :)

Nice Video!!! explored lot of

Nice Video!!! explored lot of new things..

Thanks a lot, Mark

FlashVideo Plugin Questions

Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear your travel to Denver this past weekend was messed up but also very thankful because you created this super demo of the FlashVideo module. It is very timely for the current project I am working on. In the demo near the end you discussed the plugins for the FlashVideo module, I wanted to try and better understand the Streaming Server Plugin and Amazon S3 Plugin. How would I know if I need to use the Streaming Server or Amazon S3 Plugin? Would you use these plugins together or are they mutually exclusive solutions? What are the benefits of each? Which is less expensive?

I would love to hear your opinion.


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Dear FJ, I personally am not

Dear FJ,

I personally am not too familiar with the S3 plugin and haven't used it myself. I actually wrote the Streaming Server plugin, so I'm intimately familiar with this one. I think of these as being mutually exclusive options. Also, I'm not sure if S3 provides streaming video or not. I haven't researched this. As far as costs, I haven't researched this heavily either. I know S3 is a paid service, and the Flash Media Server that I use at my workplace was an expensive piece of equipment/software. Red5 is, I believe, an open-source alternative to Flash Media Server, so that may cut costs for you potentially.

The Streaming Server plugin also has the capability to integrate with xmoov-php, which provides pseudo-streaming. You might consider taking advantage of that as well if cost is a barrier to the other streaming options.