Places That Don't Accept Discover Credit Card

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I was recently talked into continuing to use my Discover card by one of their sales associates. I haven't found a great resource online yet that lists the national chain stores that do not accept the Discover credit card, so I thought I'd make a list myself. Perhaps others will comment and add more to this list in order to make a resource for others who are searching Google for a list such as this. ...And maybe one day, the folks at Discover will stumble upon this resource and figure out a plan of attack to get these chains to start accepting the card so that we can take advantage of all of those cash back rewards they give out. :)

  • Baskin Robbins - Ice Cream
  • Subway - Sandwiches
  • CiCi's Pizza - Hickory, NC
  • Waffle House - Breakfast and Coffee - Clarksville, TN

Last updated: January 8th, 2013

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I am in the Nashville area and searched high and low for this list. Thanks. I will add to the list after I have a little Discover experience under my belt.


  • Freebirds
  • Austin Airport (Parking) - Come on really an airport not accepting a major CC??
  • In & Out Burger